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CNRS Éditions, Paris
ISBN: 978-2-271-13921-4
Format: 22 x 28 cm, 298 pages
Publication date: 17/03/2022


Martial Monteil
University Professor
CReAAH - Nantes Université


Valentin Verardo
MSH Mondes - Pôle éditorial
+33 (0)1 46 69 26 13

Management of the HAL collection:

Nicolas Coquet
MSH Mondes - Pôle éditorial
+33 (0)1 46 69 24 23


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* Les « Informations archéologiques » (publiées entre 1943 et 1986) ne sont pas référencées dans cette collection, mais sont néanmoins accessibles sur le portail Persée.


   Created in 1942 by the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Gallia is one of the France’s leading journal for ancient archeology, publishing in both French and English. It publishes thematic issues and review articles that deal with the most significant discoveries and research in France, as well as in neighboring countries, so long as they remain relevant to the overall notion of Gaul.

   The chronological purview of the journal spans from the Protohistoric period, beginning in the First Iron Age, covering Antiquity and Late Antiquity, to the end of the Merovingian dynasty. Its geographical scope is that of the ancient “Gallic” expanse, which corresponds to the Roman provinces of the Three Gauls, Gallia Narbonensis and Germania, as well as the immediately adjacent territories which have a direct impact on their history.

   The journal is supported by the Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences (CNRS) and the le Ministry of Culture (General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, sub-directorate of Archaeology).

   The editorial staff is located in the MSH Mondes (UAR 3225) in Nanterre.




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