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C. Panel, Impact of creditor rights (í µí»½ 1 + í µí»½ 3 ) when market power is high on conventional (Models 1 and 2) and Islamic (Models 3 and 4) banks' capital adequacy ratio computed at different value of Lerner index 25 th percentile 0

B. Panel, Additional control using different components of Kaufmann and Kraay (2013)'s governance indicators Voice and accountability 0, p.369

C. Panel, Propensity score matching Conventional banks Islamic banks Entire sample Treated Control Diff. (T stat) Treated Control Diff. (T stat) Treated Control Diff

B. Panel, Addressing endogeneity and self-selection bias Creditor rights 0.767*** (0.206) 0.762*** (0.206) 0